What is Glowood?

Introducing Glowood, the newest innovation in timber, available exclusively from Sydney Timber Floor Specialists.

Glowood is a revolutionary new oak finish that ‘glows’ in the dark, illuminating spaces with a captivating yellow or blue gleam. Glowood allows you to enjoy the beauty of natural oak flooring in the daytime while creating an attractive atmosphere after dark.

A completely unique product in the market, Glowood will ensure your home or venue stands out and leave guests delighted. Available in 2 colours, warm yellow and eye-catching blue, this product showcases the beauty of natural timber day and night.

Using cutting-edge technology, it gives timber a warm radiating glow that is designed to last the whole evening. Whether you prefer a high-impact neon shine or a subtle glow, Glowood can create an exciting ambience that will change as the evening progresses.

Available on premium European and American Oak, this versatile product has endless applications from flooring, staircases, cabinetry to picture frames. Custom made in Australia with only the highest quality workmanship, each Glowood piece is completely unique and guaranteed to make an impact.

Sydney Timber Floor Specialists Glowood Bar

How Does Glowood Work?

Glowood is a durable wood finish that uses cutting-edge technology to give oak timber an alluring glow after-dark. During the day, your flooring will appear as stylish, luxury oak timber, but as it gets dark your Glowood comes alive.

This versatile finish is easy to use and can have different effects depending on the desired atmosphere.

For a moderate glow, simply allow your Glowood flooring to automatically charge during the day using natural light or LED lights. The result? An inviting, soft ambience that emanates through the space.

For a high-impact fluorescent glow, expose the finish to UV light for 30 seconds and watch as the timber is adorned in neon colour. This is a fantastic option for night clubs, bars, hotels, boats, or event spaces looking to create unforgettable experiences for their guests.

Glowood comes in two colours, Avatar Blue and Matrix Yellow

Avatar Blue

UV Light

Matrix Yellow

UV Light

Sydney Timber Floor Specialists Glowood Boat

Wondering where's the best place for Glowood? Here's some ideas...

    • Stairwells
    • Floor
    • Furniture appliances
    • Lobby
    • Mancave
    • Picture Frames
    • Boats
    • Bars
    • Restaurants
    • Nightclubs
    • Casinos

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